closure of THIS official granite pool - to make way for the new official pools ... hi all ... this pool will soon be closing as the official granite pool by friday 6th january 2017 - and will be replaced by the pool that we have been alpha testing for the past few months as the official pool in the CWI pool system ... this closure is part of the restructure for ChainWorks Industries - and will become part of the CWI pool framework as well as the CWI ecosystem ... we believe this is a necessary step towards the growth of the infrastructure for granite - and being part of a larger system will enhance the facilities that are available to us in such a company ... please stop mining here and withdraw all the coins by the end of december - as the windup in the first week of january will mean you cannot access the pool or its facilities ... the official granite pool has been operating for years now - as a service for the granite community - and has been proud to do so ... we want to continue this legacy of service - and joining the CWI framework is a step in the right direction ... please setup a new account at and start mining there asap ... the url WILL change when it is all signed over to ChainWorks Industries - but there will be ample time to change the address for the miners to the new address of ... all notifications will be made in the new thread on bitcointalk ( ) - and the new CWI forum when it is up also ... we are thankful that we have such a committed community - and look forward to servicing you in the future with much bigger and better facilities ... tanx, #crysx
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welcome to granite pool ...
posted 02/02/2015 21:00:15 by Admin
--- Simple - Solid - Stable ---


Name - Granite
Ticker Code - GRN

Algorithm - X11
Total Coins - 65,000,000
PreMine - 1% (Future Development - Bounties - Marketing)
------- All PreMine Coins Have Been Distributed With Faucets / GiveAways / Bounties / Payments -------
Initial Block Value - 100
Block Time - 120 seconds
Difficulty ReTargeting - DigiShield
Block Confirmations - 120
Ports : Main 21777 | RPC 21776
10x Bonus Blocks
Block Halving Every 262800 Blocks

A ChainWorks Industries Project